Friday, February 09, 2007

Dear Writer's Digest:

I am writing to you today concerning your recent short story contest. Seeing that today is the deadline for winners to be notified, and given the fact that I have not yet received my notification from your fine publication, I must admit I am confused.

I double checked both my email and snail-mail addresses when I sent in my entry, so I'm not sure how my "You're a Winner" notification could have been misplaced. Perhaps a clerical error, or maybe a jealous rival within the ranks of your magazine? Just something for you to look in to.

After the notable absence of any correspondence from your judging panel, I checked your website myself for the list of winners. Imagine my surprise when, upon perusing said list, I still did not see my name among the top 25! A misplaced email, I can understand, but forgetting to list me on your site? That goes well beyond negligence.

Therefore, I am writing to let you know that I formally withdraw my entry, Earth's Guardian from consideration. So, just to clarify, I do NOT expect to see my story in your June 2007 issue along with the other winners. If I do see it, you will be hearing from my lawyers, Schister & Schister. Any magazine which cannot properly manage a short story competition and notify winners of said competition in a timely manner is not worthy of my or any author's time.

Good day.

(In case you can't tell, I didn't win) :(


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