Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everyone has their favorite reading spot...

I think most people who like to read have their favorite spot. Mine is the plaid chair in the corner of the bedroom. I flip on the little light next to the chair and sit blissfully reading before I go to bed. That usually only lasts about 10 minutes because I get too tired, but that's the way I like to read...a little at a time.

Apparently, the guy driving next to me on the way to work this morning has his favorite spot's just a little unusual (at least I hope it is!).

Now, when I drive to work, it's still a good half hour or so before the rooster crows. This morning, it was also very windy and a little bit of rain/snow was filtering down from the gray overcast. A good morning to pay attention to the road, wouldn't you say?

As I made my way down the highway, holding steady at 65 mph, I could see that quite a few cars in front of me were abandoning the right lane and heading over to the left to pass something/someone. I thought there might be an accident or someone pulled over on the shoulder so I did the same.

Well, it wasn't an least not yet. Instead, it was a little white car with it's interior dome light on. At the wheel, a man with a book spread out across the steering wheel: he was completely engaged in the story. Occasionally, like a deer looking up from grazing to see if a predator was close by, he'd steal a look out the windshield, and then return to his story.

I glared at him as I passed but, of course, he wasn't looking. I hope he made it work without taking himself or someone out.

There's only one possible acceptable excuse for his actions, but I don't think he was reading a book that I wrote, so I can't forgive him.

Keep writing...and reading, but not while you're driving!



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